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Aug. 18th, 2006


I think this would've been more popular had I titled it: "Whoa! Girls Kissing!"

The Kasimasi piece here is the last article I finished before Adam's grand realization that the pubescent functional illiterates who crawl around his site after middle school gets out (you know, the ones who are apparently his target audience) were not interested in reading anything over a second grade level. It's not the most ambitious thing I've ever tried to write, but it's probably among the most successful.

Title: Kasimasi: Gardening and Revolution
Subject: This was really an attempt to make a response to my previous article on Saikano (which can still be read here and here) by tackling a show that conceives the "same" subject (love) in a completely different way. This article, too, is a "phenomenology of love," although it eventually ends up being incomplete because Kasimasi takes the topic to a place which is, frankly, too much to deal with in less than a book.
Category: Analysis.
Summary: Impossible.
Warnings: Minor spoilers. Extremely long and difficult.

Aug. 17th, 2006

suit Loki


Don't Be So Sinful, Just Defend

Le yawn, it's the last day of summer vacation for me, I'm disoriented, and, oh, what's this?

Never fear, an article is here!

*coughs* This is an article about one of my favorite anime, Elfen Lied. I hadn't posted any articles over at theOtaku in over a month at the time, so I went ahead and made this. I know it's a bit preposterous. It seemed like a good idea at the time. >_>

I can safely say it took me a good long while to type, though.

Title: The Deadly Sins of Elfen Lied
Subject: Elfen Lied (of course)
Category: Analysis
Summary: A look at how the seven deadly sins of lore could somehow apply to the series.
Warnings: Spoilers throughout.

Oh, but that isn't all, infidels! (I kid...about the infidels I mean)
This "gem" here was the first time I actually revised an article of mine. P= What is it? Go see.

Just to all the theOtaku refugees, don't tell me you didn't see it coming.

Title: In Defense of Hohenheim
Subject: Fullmetal Alchemist
Category: Analysis/Editorial (I see it as a mix of the two)
Summary: Many Edward fangirls hate him. Many Envy fangirls hate him, but are their reasons just? I say no. He's not perfect, just like your own wannabe-suitor.
Warnings: Spoilers for episodes 43 through 51 and the movie. And they are BIG spoilers.

Aug. 16th, 2006

Goggles Guy


Like DanceDance Revolution, But Better

Zomg, a contribution from Katana...
I'm feeling lazy (nothing new), so I'm just going to post up one of my favorite articles from the past.

Title: Otaku Otaku Revolution
Subject: Fandom Culture
Category: Analysis
Summary: Each generation of human beings is different from the others, be it fashion, food, or politics. The same is now applying to anime and the fans of it.
Warnings: Spoilers? You kidding? No. Canadians probably won't connect to the first little bit, but other than that, it can be enjoyed by (almost) all.



Saiyuki and Scars

Here's my contribution. I always liked this article, even though it's my oldest. Bell, let me know if I should put up more. I think I will eventually anyway, but right now I'm lazy.

Stitching the Past: Saiyuki and Scars

Aug. 15th, 2006



(no subject)

Just to give newcomers an example of the kind of work we write here, these are two of what I consider to be my best anime-related essays. (As a note, the first of these articles was also posted over at the Princess Tutu comm.)

Title: The False Knight And His Swan Princess
Subject: Princess Tutu
Category: Metaphorical Analysis
Summary: An in-depth analysis of the metaphors and visual symbolism surrounding the relationship between Fakir and Ahiru of Princess Tutu.
Warnings: Spoilers throughout.

...theirs is a relationship much stronger than simple companionship.Collapse )

Title: Pop Culture 101
Subject: Japanese Culture
Category: Guide
Summary: From music to television to fashion, a brief look at notable and peculiar aspects of Japanese pop culture.
Warnings: Some suggestive subject material.

...even in Goth culture, everything is somehow turned cute.Collapse )

Aug. 13th, 2006



The Obligatory Mod Post.

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