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September 2007

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suit Loki

gratuitous_love in societyofsoap

If you've done any of these things, you need medical attention

:3 I've returned with two more articles for your viewing pleasure. The second one of these was my final article on the theO. Not much to say about these. As for when I'll start writing new articles, well I have a new, FMA (gasp) one in mind, but I need to know more info about a certain manga character first, and Arakawa certainly hasn't delved into him much at all, despite being a major player...

Anyway, here they are. 

Title: You Know You've Watched Too Much Anime When...
Subject: Micellaneous Anime
Category: Humor
Summary: How do you know when you've watched too much of a certain anime series?
Warnings: ...If you don't like to laugh, then don't read. o_o

I'm certain you've seen these lists at some point in your internet/otaku life. "You Know You've Watched Too Much Sailor Moon When..." or "You Know You've Played Too Much Final Fantasy VII When..." Well, I am here to show you what can happen when you watch certain anime or read certain manga too much. I'll use some of my favorite anime, many of which are rather popular with otaku at this point.

You Know You've Watched Too Much Chobits When...

1. You poke people in random areas of their body to find their "on" switch.
2. Your morning wake-up routine consists of jumping up and down, blowing a whistle, screaming "WAKEY WAKEY!" at the top of your lungs.
3. All you ever say is your name or you only speak in third person.
4. You cling to your boyfriend/girlfriend and say "This is the one for me."
5. You glue tin cans to your ears and stuff them with random stuff (like cords) and try to plug them into the computer, T.V., etc.

You Know You've Watched Too Much Excel Saga When...

1. You claim that your cat/dog/other pet is your "emergency food supply".
2. You serve only one man/woman, who is out for world domination.
3. You punch a cuddly creature in hopes of seeing it turn hideously ugly.
4. You faint on a regular basis for no real reason.
5. You have a trap door for annoying subordinates.

You Know You Watch Too Much Fruits Basket When...

1. You hug someone of the oppisite sex, hoping they'll turn into a member of the Chinese Zodiac (or any other random mammal).
2. You regularly declare "I wanna be the cat!".
3. You make up outrageous stories of your past.
4. You beat the living crap out of your loved one, then get all mopey and cry "Who did this to you?!"
5. You wish to be called "Prince/Princess -insert your name here-".

You Know You Watch Too Much Fullmetal Alchemist When...

1. You demand automail for Christmas/your birthday/etc.
2. You start throwing wrenches at people when they make you mad.
3. You start shooting at people/pets when they disobey you.
4. You see a parent or other family member you hate for some reason, and you beat the crap out of them when you get the chance.
5. You demand a giant suit of armor for Christmas/your birthday/etc.

You Know You've Watched Too Much Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex When...

1. You want a cyberbrain implanted.
2. You pretend a toy army tank is a Tachikoma.
3. You try to jump off buildings and shoot at random people.
4. You claim you are in a group of exclusive police officers on the hunt for a crazy hacker.
5. You claim that YOU are the Laughing Man.

You Know You Watch Too Much Kodocha When...

1. You hit people with a toy hammer.
2. You are heck-bent on overthrowing your school bully or other person you despise.
3. You demand a stone statue made of you just so you can knock it down.
4. You find someone older than you (whether it be a parent, older sibling, teacher, etc.) and call them your agent, manager, and boyfriend/girlfriend.
5. You have a varied collection of hats that is inhabited by a small mammal, such as a chipmunk or squirrel.

You Know You've Watched Too Much Neon Genesis Evangelion When...

1. You hate society just because of your father/mother/other family member.
2. You demand that you want to pilot an EVA.
3. You see a bird or airplane in the sky and scream "ANGEL! ANGEL!" at the top of your lungs.
4. You wear a skintight suit, hairclips, and when people ase you what you're wearing, you say "Oh, this? This is my Plug Suit!"
5. You are anticipating the apocalypse.

You Know You Watch Too Much Samurai Champloo When...

1. You constantly hunt for a man with a certain scent.
2. You are CONSTANTLY kidnapped.
3. You keep a flying squirrel in your shirt.
4. You wear glasses not because you need them, but for the heck of it.
5. You slice things with a sword just because you can.

And, finally

You Know You Watch Too Much Anime PERIOD When...

1. You demand to be called by your Japanese/theOtaku name.
2. You say things like "Nyan!", "Na no da!", "Chii?", and "BAKA!" regularly.
3. You call your cat "neko" and dog "inu" (if you have either).
4. You eat nothing but Japanese foods.
5. Every school report/speech you are assigned, you ALWAYS choose something related anime, whether it be a character, series, genre, history, etc. (This one has and is currently happening to me. T-Shirt speech? On my FMA shirt. Reading speech? On the FMA novel. Your hero? You get the idea.)

Title: You Know You've Watched Too Much Anime...Two!
Subject: See previous article.
Category: Humor
Summary: See previous article.
Warnings: ...Completely random? 

Most likely, you’ve seen these lists before, showcasing what random things people may do when they see too much of one particular anime series. Well, since I’ve returned with new anime to be seen, and popular demand, I bring you…

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Anime when…Part II!

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much .hack//SIGN When…

1. You claim you cannot log out.
2. You try to find some odd creature to do your bidding for you.
3. You lie…in bed…all day…
4. You put on a Viking helmet, claming you’re a member of the Crimson Knights.
5. You claim to LEAD the Crimson Knights.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Case Closed When…

1. You claim to be a teenager trapped in a six year old’s body.
2. You solve crimes every day, and I mean EVERY day, whether it be something as major as a murder or as small as a cookie thief.
3. You wear large glasses not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to.
4. You’re the best detective around, yet you never remember how you solved the crimes to begin with.
5. You are planning a riot against Adult Swim for removing Case Closed, despite low ratings.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Elfen Lied When…

1. You wear fake horns on your head, claming to be a Silpelit or Diclonius.
2. If a vase or something like that happens to fall over, you immediately apologize, claming you haven’t gained full control of your vectors yet.
3. You refuse to say anything other than “Nyuu”.
4. You’re bent on destroying all mankind.
5. You claim to have an alter ego that kills people, and can only be reverted when hit in the head.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Eureka Seven When…

1. You get a surfboard and try to surf on thin air, only to crash to the ground.
2. You fall in love with a boy/girl without knowing a thing about them. (Wait…that can happen, regardless…)
3. You claim you can “hear” the voices of random objects, including the TV, toaster, computer, airplanes, anything normally inanimate.
4. You named your pet Gulliver.
5. If someone had a weird dream, you promptly ask “What did you see in the zone?!?!”

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much FLCL When…

1. You name any given person/animal you see “Ta-kun”.
2. You hit people over the head with an electric guitar, in hopes of random items coming out.
3. You try to grow a robot out of your head, in hopes of having it do your bidding.
4. You hate school because it doesn’t have a “Learn to play guitar in one millisecond” class.
5. You use a cat (or other pet) as means for communication.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much InuYasha When…

1. You attempt to pin yourself to a tree via an arrow.
2. You have a necklace with you at all times, and when people try to look at it, you scream about how it’s the Shikon Jewel and how it must not fall into the wrong hands.
3. You yell “SIT, BOY!” when someone annoys you, in hopes of them falling to the ground.
4. You draw a circle on your hand, in hopes of sucking anything and everything in.
5. You wear a feather boa on your shoulder, in hopes to look like Sesshoumaru.

And, finally…

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Naruto When…

1. You claim to have the spirit of a vengeful fox (or another animal of your choice) sealed within you.
2. You are on a mission to kill Uchiha Itachi.
3. When you experience deja-vu, you say “Oh, Naruto must be going through another filler”.
4. You read “Make-Out Paradise”, or another erotic manga of your choice.
5. You have…an unnatural…ramen fetish…


It looks like you need to fix the HTML in your post. (Again, haha.) I took a look at your coding, and I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with it, but I suppose it's worth a look.
The only thing I see wrong THIS time is the HTML I used for bolding my information. If there's something else wrong then I don't see.
When you experience deja-vu, you say “Oh, Naruto must be going through another filler”.

Definitely my favourite. XD Nicely done, Sangome.

(Though maybe I should stop screaming "SIT BOY!" at random intervals.)
XD Thanks.
Haha! Those are hilarious... and sadly true. XD I'm glad only afew apply to me. I apply more to the "You Know You've Watched Too Much Anime PERIOD When..." part. I have a TheOtaku account that I'm gonna get rid of soon. I don't go there anymore, so no need for me to stay there. I use a lot of Jap words all the time. ^^ It's fun.

Anyhoo, I liked reading both of these. ^_^ Keep writing.